Kooikerhondje and activities

Kooikerhondje is a very versatile and fascinating breed, because it can train just as a hobby or compete in several dog sports and other activities. Same dog can be successful in dog shows and other sports as well. Because it is usually very greedy, agile and has will to please its owner they are mainly very easy to train and they learn fast. 

Here you can read more about kooikerhondje in different dog sports and activities. We're still working on this content so more information is still to come.

Blood tracking

Trained blood tracking dogs are needed when animal (ex. deer or moose) gets injured by archery wounds or car accident. Blood tracking tests are made to mimic that kind of tracking situation. Kooikerhondjes are working dogs and as a passionate, intelligence dog they are easy to train. Kooikerhondje has very good sense of smell and they use it likely. Tracking dog needs to work independent and with enthusiasm. As a little soft in character tracking is a great way to improve kooikerhondje’s self-esteem.

There are few kooikerhondjes used as blood trackers in real action. Many do tracking as a hobby and to activate the dog to use his nature. There are more than dozen kooikerhondjes who go to blood tracking tests every year. About ten kooikerhondjes has Tracking Champion tittle.

Dog Shows

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Coming soon!


Obedience trials test the co-operation between the dog and the handler and how good the dog is trained to do the required obedience exercises. Obedience training is suitable for all dogs and it improves the relationship between the dog and the owner. Basic obedience is useful in daily life and in other hobbies.

Kooikerhondjes are easy to train because they are greedy and active dogs but obedience training requires also patience. Kooikerhondjes like to work with their owners. Some kooikerhondjes are a bit soft which can cause challenges in training.

Finnish kooikerhondjes compete in all four classes that we have in obedience trials in Finland but yet the breed doesn’t have any Finnish obedience champions. Yearly about 10 kooikerhondjes participates obedience trials. Many trains obedience with their kooikers just for fun.

Search and rescue dog training

Kooikerhondje is very fast and active breed and they loves to use their excellent scenting capability. The search and rescue dog training offers an opportunity to use these traits and have fun. Main idea is to find a lost (hidden) person from a forest using air scenting and then "alert" by either barking while staying with a lost person or by returning to the handler and "indicating" her in some way that the handler should follow. Size of training area is 100m x 100-300m, when dog´s abilities grows a tasks will be trickier and area longer. The search and rescue dog training is just a hobby to kooikerhondjes because breed doesn't have rights to participate in a service dog tests.


Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunting game. You can find caches in forests or in urban environments, hobby is also international so you can find caches when traveling. You can find instructions, tips and coordinates from internet and then you need some GPS device. With dog you can find a new trails and places. When finding geocaches most talented geodogs can use their noses to help you.

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